Monday, December 12, 2005

Good Bye Tookie Williams

Arnold Schwarzenegger held the power of life or death for Stan 'Tookie' Williams. Choosing death serves absolutely nobody. He made the choice to legally murder Tookie Williams. He made the choice to appease the racist bloodlust of those that vote for him and that is why Tookie Williams will die tonight.

Mr. Williams is accused of murder. But to murder a man to appease voters is a deed, evil of biblical proportions.

Peace to you Mr. Williams. The world knows that you are a good man. Let us pray that you will never again see the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger in any realms you may find yourself.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Williams was sentenced to death by a jury of his peers, not by the governor. He is dying tonight as a result of his own actions, so it seems silly to place the blame on those who held up his sentence.

Archie said...

His alleged actions being what? Killing human beings?

Those that do such a thing are one thing. Those that actually promote and advocate this behaviur are something else again -or are they?

In any case the murder of Tookie Williams served who? What?

Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson got it right when he said that Arnold got himself a trophy with Williams dead body.
A trophy he will, no doubt, lug out to impress his backers