Saturday, July 29, 2006

Israel's Plight

There is no high tech weapon in the world that can defeat hate. Evidence of this is that the most militarily sophisticated machine in the world has been bogged down in a war of attrition for the past three years against Iraqi citizens that build weapons from under their kitchen sinks. And the more they kill Iraqis, the more hate they manufacture.

Israel, no stranger to hatred in the Middle East, has suddenly taken the spotlight away from America. The Israelis however are in a much more perilous position than the American state or the American people. The Israeli people have been duped. They have been duped by their own politicians and by America. The Israeli State receives three billion dollars annually from America as their foothold in the oil rich Middle East. A foothold that will soon become obsolete and will be disposed of.

The fallacy of serving death and destruction to the Lebanese, the Palestinians, and to Muslims in general, places the Israeli people in an extremely precarious situation. Israel is surrounded by approximately one billion Muslims; a population that is increasingly willing to do anything to rid their region of the Israeli war machine.

The people of Israel have been sold a bill of goods that will result in either their destruction in one fell swoop, or, in a best case scenario, their sons and daughters for generations will be fending off a constant barrage of attacks. This bill of goods is provided by and sold to them by the American State. Beside the three billion dollars in military aid they receive from America, they buy even more in weaponry from arms sellers.

The notion of using fear, death and destruction to ensure security is as daft as it appears to be. This approach has been in place for decades; and what is the result? Israel is in more danger now than ever. And as time goes by, the danger increases. The futility of this is clear. It's not like this scenario is new. Israel has been trying to secure themselves through force for decades and it is now in a deeper and more dangerous hole then ever before.

In 1978 Israel invaded Lebanon in order to maintain security. They secured a 12 mile strip of land in southern Lebanon as a buffer. In 1882 Begin and Sharon tried to crush the PLO with a new and deeper invasion. In this bloody mess, the Israelis allied with right wing fascists in Lebanon and slaughtered thousands of Palestinians. The Americans also supported this fiasco and shelled poor Palestinian settlements. All in all, they manufactured sufficient hate that the Americans were chased out, running for their lives. Out of this, Hezbollah emerged a powerful and potent force that had not only driven out the Americans, but the Israelis as well.

And now, in 2006, Israel, at the behest of the USA, is repeating the same mistakes all over again. And now, the situation in the full Middle East is far more unstable. And now, the Muslim populations are far more politicized and organized to fight. Now, if you are Israeli, is no time to bang war drums.

America has clearly become far more ambitious in their designs on control of oil and petro-dollars. They have become far more savage than any modern state has been in living memory. To suggest that they are using Israel to further its aims is not unreasonable. There isn't any doubt, especially in light of their recent public proclamations. They have brought Israel onto their own front lines in a global war for oil.

The Breaking Point

In the Middle East, America holds in place numerous dictators that operate against the wishes and interests of their own populations and in the interests of themselves and in the interests of America. This is a growing source of tension and the spoiled royals of Saud, the quisling dictator in Pakistan, Musharraf, as well as all the rest of the tyrants in that region are up against increasing hostility. The mad American State fully intends to install dictatorial puppets in Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. Even without this developing pressure in the Middle East, there is increasing strain between the dictators and the people. It is tension that will eventually break. It may snap in a unified Muslim rebellion where they are all thrown out in one movement or, it may be a matter of ongoing and disparate rebellions. In any case, the situation is bleak for the people of Israel. America will cut and run eventually, as they do, when the situation gets to a certain point. And long before they do, they will abandon Israel.

The alliance between American corporate interests and the anti-Arab racist politicians of Israel provides the Israeli politicians free reign to slaughter Palestinians with impunity. Their reasoning is that if life is miserable enough in Gaza and the West Bank, the Palestinians will leave and settle in Jordan, Lebanon, and elsewhere. What it is doing is manufacturing hatred, to the extreme, not only in Palestine, but all over the Islamic world and even in the non-Islamic world. What few understand is that this is not the work of the Israeli people, but part of the systematic push to subjugate the peoples of the Middle East, a push from the unholy alliance between Washington and the racist politicians in control in Israel.

Condi Rice's recent statement that America intends to create a new Middle East is an admission that they intend to explicitly dominate the region. They will change the map of the Middle East and first on the list is undoubtedly Iraq. The civil war they have created will make gerrymandering seem a brilliant stroke in peacemaking. In so doing, they will punish the Sunnis into a future of poverty and at the same time, have better control of petro-dollars from Shiite regions. That is the plan.

As America deals with increased hostility, that hostility will be directed toward Israel. Israel finds itself in increasing danger as America grows ever bolder in its quest to control the economies of the world. But Israel in not an American state and when it is no longer feasible for them to funnel billions into Israel, Israel will be on its own. If there is a notion that America will remain loyal to Israel when the going gets tough, the nature of monopoly capitalism is out of focus.

America will not succeed in their subjugation of the people of the Middle East. It's a matter of time. The specious and forced politics of the Middle East naturally builds tension and resistance movements; movements that are becoming ever more politically and militarily savvy. The Saudis vast military expenditures will not save them. The Egyptian puppets will fall under the weight of increasing Islamic radicalism. The military dictator in Pakistan will assassinated or forced out. Whatever is installed in Iraq will have to endure war until it is gone. The royals in Kuwait will have to flee to America when the people of Middle Eastern nations organize sufficiently to rise against the dictators. The King of Jordan will be right behind them. This American adventure will make Vietnam a tea party in contrast.

At some point, America will abandon Israel. Then what? What will be the fate of the Israeli people? The Americans can go home.

The Logic of Peace

Much Israeli support for war and a strong defense is grounded in noble sentiment. They see themselves surrounded in a sea of hate and are fearful for their sons and daughters, their neighbours, and themselves. They want protection and the mafioso of the planet is offering it up on a silver platter. Uncle Sam smiles and provides all the latest weapon gagetry and dictates to Israeli leaders what to do. It's not hard to see how and why the people get sucked into this nefarious deal with the devil.

If we examine the situation in a purely logical way, we may suggest that Israel is arming itself and attacking enemies as a result of the hatred that exists, locally, against them. Further deepening the hatred is going to result in what? Peace? Do the people of Israel want their sons and daughters to live like this into the distant future? If so, how long will it be before something really horrible happens to the land and the people of Israel?

For the sake of the future, for the sake of not only peace for the children of Israel, but for the well being of the Lebanese, the Palestinians, and the people of the Middle East in general, tireless efforts must be made to forge peace and stop the violence. Unity between Israelis and Palestinians must be established. Hate mongers and fear mongers on both sides have been in control for far too long. It's time to stand up against them and it's time to stop being duped by American madness.

Peace is possible. If you were told in 1980 that the mighty USSR would fall without a shot being fired, you wouldn't believe it. If you were told that peace would happen in Northern Ireland, you wouldn't believe it. Peace is not only possible, but there is no choice. Think of the alternative. What is it? To implant more stooges loyal to America that are against the people from Afghanistan to Morocco? The reality for Israel is that it exists within a sea of Islam, and the potential for peace in that sea is tremendous. If you don't believe that, pick up a Koran. The sons and daughters of Lebanon and the sons and daughters of Israel and the sons and daughters of Palestine deserve peace. More than anything else, you all deserve peace.

Although, at this point, conciliation may sound absurd, but it isn't. In fact, there is no choice. And peace, realistically, is more than just the cessation of violence. It is also the cessation of silent violence; the violence of hunger, oppression, racism and so on. There are many Israelis that hunger for it and there are many Palestinians that hunger for it. Get on the internet, get together, make in happen in spite of the politicians, the hate mongers, and the Americans. It is time to scream for peace, as many of us here outside Israel having been doing since the Americans started slaughtering Muslims. It is no time to walk peacefully and silently and merely show a good example. It is time to jump up and down, to face the politicians and the war mongers and to demand an end to the collective, nationalistic, insanity that will result in the death of your family members and neighbours as well as a lifetime of fear and trepidation for those that continue on. Nobody should have to live this way.

This is not to suggest that all the problems are the fault of Israel. In fact, there is no time to assign blame. Let historical wrongs, on both sides, stand in history. To end the legacy of violence, is to develop a future; period. There is only time to accept responsibility and to be generous, to accept your enemies as brothers. Because, at the end of the day, the average Joe in Israel and the average Joe in Palestine have far more in common with each other than either of them do with Bush, Bin Laden, or Sharon.

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