Saturday, September 09, 2006

Canada's Shame

Imperialist history is rife with buried and known stories of young men sacrificed for nothing. Not for freedom, not for democracy, not for defense. They die for rulers that are hell bent on increasing their own wealth and power.

Those that die reside on a social margin that is similar in some respects to the marginal utility curve economists use. They live on a concentric circle that is neither too far away from or too close to the center of power. This particular class of young flesh is utilized because sacrificing young men too close to the centre of power is too bitter a pill for the rulers to swallow. It is unseemly, politically, to send youngsters that reside on an upper rung of the social ladder to their deaths. Those that are too far away from the ruler, politically, economically, and socially, will simply not fight. But the suffering young men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq are neither too close or too far away from the epicenter of American hegemony.

Human Sacrifices

Today's unfortunates in Afghanistan are Brits, Canadians, Dutch and Americans that are working class for the most part. And of those, Canadians and Brits are increasingly relied on to take part in suicide of either the mind or body. On top of that there are soldiers from about 30 nations making minimal contributions. They are paying lip service to the Great American War Machine because they have politicians with enough courage to at least push back when Uncle Sam tells them to kill.

Several months ago British and Canadian soldiers were ordered to place their minds and bodies in Kandahar and Helmund Provinces in Afghanistan. They were ordered to do so by George W. Bush; Blair and Steven Harper are mere mouthpieces. These politicians are not men. They are simple mindless lackeys that willingly sacrifice young men and women for no other reason than to further their own personal ambition; to curry favour with their betters. The Canadians and the Brits replaced American troops that had been in these volatile provinces. Undoubtedly, American intelligence informed the Americans to push more ideal sacrifices on front line. Bush needs to sacrifice more foreigners and less Americans. It's a political thing. There is no doubt Canadians and Brits would be in Baghdad if the Americans had the power to put them there. But they don't and for that we can thank Blair and Cretien. More to the point, we can thank British and Canadian opposition to Bush's madness.

Afghanistan is now facing the deadliest violence it has seen in five years. That's when the Americans invaded. The Taliban are back and they are determined to drive out the invaders. The same people that have driven out the mighty USSR and the same people that have driven out any and all foreseen invaders throughout history are angry, determined, and more sophisticated than ever. The heat is ratcheting up. These past few months have seen British and Canadian soldiers attacked and dying with increasing regularity. In Kabul, just this past week, a suicide bomber hit a convoy of American military vehicles killing at least 16 including American soldiers. The powerful blast delivered a concussion that shattered windows throughout downtown Kabul. Afghanistan is becoming another Iraq. Another killing field. Another hell on earth. It will get worse.

German soldiers are fortunate enough to have sufficient opposition to German meddling in Afghanistan to place them a step back from the more unfortunate British, Canadian, and Dutch troops. As a result, they are placed in the more placid north where the risk is minimal. They are unfortunate enough to have politicians that are willing to dance to King George's tune to the extend they can get away with it.

The strain is bound to increase and pressure will be placed on Merkel, by Bush, to send Germans and other NATO members into hell and into suicide. There will also be pressure as a result of strained international commitments in Lebanon, thanks to Bush's stupid foray where he ordered Israeli sacrifices to crush Hezbollah. Pressure will be especially applied to Harper in Canada to increase troop commitments in the heat of the battle.

Last week NATO defense lords agreed to bolster military resources in Afghanistan. These lords, like the politicians in the imperialist hinterland, are mere servants to big oil and weapons manufacturers. NATO is only fulfilling 85% of America's demand in Afghanistan. They are demanding an additional 2,500 troops as well as attack choppers.

Lest We Forget

On July 1, 1916 the Newfoundland Regiment was ordered, by British imperialists, to suicide themselves on the Somme and attack a well fortified German army. It was a suicide mission that would make Osama bin Laden blush. In half an hour the Newfoundlanders were decimated. Of the original 801 soldiers only 68 made it back. Most were slaughtered before they even got over their own front lines. By November, 620,000 of allied forces were killed to gain 10 kilometers of territory. The Newfoundlanders didn't know at the time that they were the most disposable in the eyes of French and British commanders. One Newfoundland soldier, Frank Mayo, wrote, “Tell all friends that the 1st Newfoundland is O.K., and never feels downhearted. We will make you all proud of us some day.” It would be the last thing he ever wrote. They were sent over the top a few days later.

As a result of this, Newfoundlanders, loyal citizens in a British colony, felt deeply betrayed. They were used as cannon fodder. They died in vain. They were sacrificed. This is but one of many examples of young men (and today, women) that have been ordered into death for no other reason than they were the most expendible.

Canadian, Dutch, German and British politicians are in the midst of a tug of war. On the one hand, the Americans are pulling them in one direction, screaming demands to get in there and die and kill. On the other hand, there is you and me, the people on the street pulling in the other direction. This is a struggle we can't afford to lose. We can't allow the quislings, the Blairs and the Harpers, to sacrifice the lives of young men and women in America's efforts to slaughter and dominate Islamic countries - for oil and oil pipelines.

Canada had done rather well over the years. Canada has stood the pressure from the war machine to the south when they demanded that Canadian blood be shed for big oil in Iraq. Canada said 'no'. Neither did Canada allow itself to be bullied into the slaughter in Vietnam. Canada had won respect the world over for being a voice of reason and peace. But now, today, all that is being torn to shreds. Canada has shamefully allowed itself to use its sons and daughters to slaughter Afghan sons and daughters. And for what?

This is nothing but political cowardice and it is a reflection on more than just the politicians.

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Anonymous said...

it's sad to say, but UK is no longer an indipendent country.
at least here, in italy, we were use to think of it. state run terrorism in the 70s to keep the atlantic alliance on track, that's the way. us army bases all over the country, areas out of state control, soldiers and weapons out of control, under the Empire's rule.

but not UK. UK was used to be indipendent.
Now, thanks of an "enlighted" elite, UK is just another silly servant, a small colony of Texas.