Sunday, March 18, 2007

For Sale: Britain's NHS

That is, once the Conservative government is elected.

David Cameron, the leader of the British Tory part, is aiming to scuttle the NHS. The Tories are aiming to Americanize health care but they won't say that to your face. Britain should learn from the folly of being led down the neo-con path to misery and destruction. Brits should learn from the experience of Canada. The system in Canada isn't dead yet, but it has taken quite a beating.

The closer we reside, politically, geographically, and economically to the center of the American Empire, the more likely we are liable to be influenced by their ideological and financial pressures. Canadians for instance, understand what it means to have their governments policies dictated by the likes of Moody's of New York bond rating institution or similar and disparate influential capitalistic organizations. Canadians have been cut to the bone. In Europe, the people have so far been spared. Europeans appear to be more politically sophisticated than North Americans. Witness the trashing George Galloway handed his American accusers a year ago. The Americans were caught of guard. They were used to bullying Americans. Face with this fiery Scot, they were dumbfounded.

Oh Canada

Canadians know what it is like to have vultures circling high overhead waiting for the death rattles of the socialized medical care system. In Canada there was Albera's Premier, Ralph Klein, leading the charge against public health care in his efforts to sink the privatization wedge deep into the heart of the system. There were others, not least of which was the national Liberal government that, in the mid 1990s, axed, slashed, burned and cut about half the revenue to the system leaving it in shreds.

After that, the right wingers began to scream that the socialist medical system isn't adequate, that there are waiting lines for patients and service is horrible. Bear in mind, the so-called Liberal Party of Canada is top heavy with right wingers including the likes of Paul Martin, the man responsible for callously slashing the system to a dangerous level. The same man who is responsible for sinking the Canada Assistance Act, a structure that ensured no Canadian would slip through the social safety net. A structure placed beneath every Canadian by Paul Martin's father; a man who was not influenced by neo-liberal savages.

Canadians have been told, over and over and over again that social spending isn't affordable. Social spending in Canada has been cut and social programs have been gutted. Canada isn't as bad as the USA but it is getting there.

Next in queue: the UK.

Step up David Cameron and the Tories; perched to win the next national election. Already Cameron and the Tories are preparing the ground for widespread cuts to social programs and especially cuts to health care. Privatization is their business and they aim to see it happen.
Reading into the messages the Tories are putting out today will forecast when they will do tomorrow. What's important is to decipher their political code. They don't come out and say 'we are going to privatized health care so our rich friends can make a killing selling services to people'. Instead they speak in coded language.

At the Conservative spring conference in Noddingham, David Cameron said that he is making NHS (Britain's health care system) "a priority". Coming from a Conservative, these are ominous words indeed. According to Labour's Health Secretary, Patricia Hewitt, the Tories spending plans would cut £28 billion from services annually. That's a lot of pounds. For instance, there are 14 billion inches to the moon.

Brace yourself Britain. Tory times are tough times.

When David Cameron says that he is making health care system a priority, watch out. That is code for, 'we are going to slash it. We are going to burn it'.

George Osborne, the Tory health care hatchet man said that a Conservative government would "get a grip" on public spending. He said that he wants to show that the Tories are "disciplined, serious and responsible". If you are a Canadian you have heard this language before and you know that it is code for gutting programs to the commons in favour of the rich. It's been done, literally to death in Canada and many Canadians have died as a result of cutting spending to health care.

Mr. Osborne also said that a Tory government would cut red tape by simplifying the tax business code and ridding Britain of a complex system of tax relief. This would pave the way to deliver on the Tory aim to cut the corporate tax to make the UK, as they say, more competitive, and deliver on the party's publicised commitment "to shift from a tax as you earn to tax as you burn" way of doing it.

Speaking at the convention, David Cameron called for a "social responsibility" revolution. He envisions private firms, voluntary bodies and citizens taking control of the delivery of public services. Labour, as odious as they may be in some respects, maintains a belief in an elemental cover of socialism to protect the average Brit from possible financial devastation, worry, or unnecessary death. Tony Blair is advocating for better state supplied services to the commons. He's not all bad. It's too bad the man has been sleeping with the likes of George W. Bush.

The Tories are all bad though - bad to the bone. The Tories want to make the world safe for capitalism. They want to make the climate as friendly as possible for investors and privateers. The less social spending the better - less of a tax burden for investors. If they can provide tax breaks for the rich and heap the burden onto workers, the better the privateers like it. If they have the public purse spent on infrastructure to support private business, the more happy the speculators, gamblers, and privateers will be. Scrapping the health care system is especially delicious because there are billions to be made selling health to the sick, the dying, and the disabled. If they can't afford it, they can sell their houses. Again, another bonus for the privateers. They have swallowed the neo-conservative ideology hook, line, and deadly sinker.
So now in the UK, private business interests are drooling over the prospect of a Tory government cutting the system and privatizing it, one piece at a time. There is a bonanza on the horizon. A fortune to be made on the backs of the sick and the elderly.

Canadians remember a nightmare. And that nightmare has a name. His name is Brian Mulroney, clearly the most hated man in the history of the nation. If you look at David Cameron you will notice an uncanny resemblance, especially when he speaks. Has anyone ever seen those two in the same room?

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