Saturday, February 14, 2009

The New Terrorists

There will be a new terrorist threat emerge in the next few years. And that threat will be you.

The new Director of National Intelligence for the USA, Dennis Blair, recently testified in front of a senate committee on intelligence. He said that the threats that are inherent with economic catastrophe are the major threat to state security. He might be right.

Previous to this, it was Al Queda or Muslim terrorists that made top billing as terrorist threats. But the paranoid keepers of the state apparatus seems to be casting a malevolent gaze toward the lot of us.

Blair is concerned about the security of places like Iceland, Ireland, as well as former second world (Eastern European) or present third world countries. He is also worried about the stability of what was thought of as first world countries and especially, the USA.

This report (linked below) indicates the developing state of paranoia that will emerge in the coming years within the security functionaries for the American state.

The report suggests that the resources that are employed abroad may be needed to take care of domestic security.

These are dark clouds but at the moment they are on the horizon. The American state will prepare itself to stem social upheavals associated with the turbulence financial insecurity that is coming.

Prior to 9-11 there were anti-capitalist protests in Seattle, in Quebec and other places. This was unique. Anti-capitalist protests in the USA were unseen since the dirty thirties. This was alarming to state security functionaries and their employers. 9-11 happened and the protests disappeared like magic. There was now a new mood in the USA.

9/11 has been used to excuse legislation that has placed rot under basic freedoms that were birthed by the Magna Carta almost 1000 years ago. These notions include such basics as the right to representation, to be charged with a crime, and to actually commit a crime before an arrest is made. The road has been paved with the Patriot Act and other similar types of legislation to an era of fascist type repression of the population.

If you believed that the USA and capitalism are natural bastions of freedom and democracy, you can't be blamed. The prosperity ensured by American plundering of resources from all over the planet as well as the voodoo practiced by Alan Greenspan and others provided an environment of what appeared to be natural security. We lived large under the umbrella of American hegemony. But America and the capitalist world are about to hit reality and the party that we all have enjoyed for many decades is just about over. It's time to sober up.

America will respond to threats to its security (read: the security of the upper classes/ American or not) with brute force. What Blair is saying and what is said in the report (linked above) are our first wisps of a coming ugly age of political repression and violence within the USA and other (post) industrialized countries (such as Canada).

Just as there was a phony economy based on nothing but capital, there is also a real economy based on production, use value, and work. And similarly, just as there is a state apparatus that is based in the security of the extremely wealthy and powerful, there is also real security concerns for the men, women, and children that need food, medicine, and the vital necessities to survive.

These are two very different worlds. The former will eat you if you have sustenance for them and does not care about you if you don't. The latter is the the real world of everyday life we live in.

If a war between the two occurs, we have no choice but to win.

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