Sunday, April 09, 2006

America's New War of Terror

'Leaks' are suggesting that America will bomb the people of Iran. The rationale provided is that they will take out infrastructure that could help develop nuclear weapons.

Seymour Hersh reported on April 17 that Bush is referring to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a "potential Adolf Hitler," and sees "regime change" in Tehran as the ultimate goal. Now this story is being reported by mainstream American media. If state propaganda sources such as CNN, Fox, and mainstream media in general are reporting it, it very likely means that the Administrion is intentionally making the statement to the world. The message is a particularily sinister one.

"This White House believes that the only way to solve the problem is to change the power structure in Iran, and that means war," Hersh reported, quoting a nameless, faceless senior Pentagon official. The White House does not deny the report.
Prior to this, Washington has been ratchting up its rheoric against Iran. They have been whipping up hysteria that Iran poses a threat to Western civilization. Their programmed drones repeat it and fan the flames. We have seen this all happen before. We've seen this happen three years ago.

CNN reports, "A former senior defense official is cited as saying the planning was based on the belief that a bombing campaign against Iran would humiliate the leadership and lead the Iranian public to overthrow it, adding that he was shocked to hear the strategy."

In other words, the Iranian public will be punished for their defiance toward the self appointed and fascistic rulers of the globe.

The report also suggests that there has been serious discussion of using nuclear weapons against Iran. It is ironic that they call others terorists and they wage war on other nations for potentially doing precisely what America does with impunity. But the threat of using nuclear weapons is very likely just that, a threat. Doing so would be beyond the pale. It would result in consequences for America that cannot be imagined at this point. Even now, prior to this new war of terror on Iran, people the world over, including Americans, are asking the question; America, what have you become?

State Terrorism

This is one more example in a long line where America metes out colletive punishment to whole populations for not falling in line under the New World Order. The intent of the American State is to terrorize populations that defy their designs on world domination; to teach us all a lesson. This is aimed as much at the populations of Cuba, Venezuela, and all nations that do not follow the dictates of the ruling classes in America as it is aimed at the people of Iran. It is their intent to show the world ferocity and brutal ruthlessness. They want reports of torture, concentration camps and massacres of civilians known to the world. America is making an ominous declaration and it is puffing itself up to instill fear. It is telling us;
'Stand against us and you will face the consequences and those consequences are death or terror for you, those you love, and your society.'

The Iranian people owe the Iraqi resistance many thanks. There is no way the Americans will have the ability or the stomach to wage war on Iranian soil
at this point. That level of terror is not an option for them. Iranians will likely face bombs dropped from an altitude near space. The Iraqis have shown
the world that the imperialists are cowardly murderers that must hide away in safe forified 'zones'. They will huff and puff and slaughter and kill but
they are highly vulnurable. America certainly lost the mystique of invincibility that it had been promoting. The world's superpower may have all the latest toys and war gadgets but they cannot defeat a determined population consisting of people that must fashion bombs from under their kitchen sinks.

Hopefully, the Iranians are building very deep shelters for the whole population and not just the ruling classes. The Americans then can destroy property but the loss of human life will be minimal.

Terror may be reduced to annoyance and again, the invincible might of Uncle Sam will reduced to a naked emperor, quivering and embarassed as it stands
uncomfortably under the glaring spotlight of the world stage.

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