Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Poisoning of Democracy

The invasion of Iraq has been carried out for many reasons according to supporters of this massive crime against humanity. The line they've been touting most recently is that the Iraqis are being murdered in an effort to install democracy. They point to elections as proof that this is indeed the case.

What they fail to point to is the fact that forcing democracy onto any
society is profoundly anti-democratic.

They also define democracy on the lowest standards imaginable. The
simple act of voting satisfies their criteria.

But if the wrong people are elected, the people will be punished.

In recent examples of this we've seen Hamas win an election in
Paelistine. As a result, the Palestinians are being punished for
electing the wrong party. The Americans do not accept Hamas and are
rejecting them as legimate representatives of the people. An election
was held in Iraq but the Americans did not like who was selected by the
elected representatives and demanded that the Iraqis pick an acceptable
leader. They had tried their level best to install their own puppet,
Allawi, without success.

We've also just witnessed the Americans overthrow the elected leader in

But this is an old story. Americans have been installing puppets all
over the world for the last hundred years. They installed the Shah of
Iran and are now fixing to punish the Iranians for ridding their own
society of an American puppet. They have also installed puppets
throughout Latin America. 'Democracy' is not always used as
justification for brutal slaughters.

Unlike the imperialist dictatorships of old, the Americans will install
democracy only if the ballot box can be controlled by the American
puppets. This is usually done through massive propaganda efforts,
bribes, assasinations, rigging elections, and spending copious amonts
in favour of their man.

The Americans don't want the responsibility of actually running the
crushed society. What they want is control of the wealth for what they
term 'American interests', which is code for corporate profits.

But in Iraq, this song and dance may take some unexpected and ugly
turns. It already has.

What really must be called to question is the acceptability of one
nation presuming itself to have the legitimate power of the UN and
control of the world. As was stated at the Nuremburg tribunals, the act
of waging war contains within it all war crimes. Of this, Bush is
guilty and many Iraqis are dead and many more are disabled. Still, many
more will be severely psychologically damaged. The children in Iraq are
the most vulnurable. The damage that the Americans have done in Iraq
will take generations to undo.

And they call it democracy.

It is no less sinister than a foriegn communist dictatorship invading
other nations for the other nations own good. A case in point is the
Chinese invasion of Tibet. The Chinese will argue that they did it for
the good of Tibetians. Their argument holds up. Prior to the Chinese
takeover the people of Tibet were living in harsh material conditions
barely able to scrape a living from the hostile wilderness of their
plateau in the Himilayas. Now they are much better off materially as a
result of the Chinese presumption of knowing what is best.

But the people of Tibet didn't want to be saved. They didn't want
communism and they didn't want their way of life overturned.

What the Chinese did not understand about Tibet is that they have a way
of life that was not communism and it was not democratic. Their laws
and their way of life were based in religion. You may not agree with it
but it is their way and the Tibetians have a right to it. They still
want it back today. The Chinese had no idea that the Tibetians had a
far better life even though they lived in harsh and starving conditions
than they could possibly have living under communism. For Tibetians,
Buddhism has far more potential for genuine happiness than materialism
could ever come close to. And that is something you or I can agree or
disagree with, but their way of life is their business, not ours.

Even if you are naive enough to believe that the Americans are invading
Islamic countries to install democracy, you have to consider the fact
that some societies have priorites and methods that we cannot
understand if we are not Muslims. And Islamic societies are far more
foriegn to occidental sensibilities than Tibetians are to the Chinese.

The bottom line is the Americans have no business in Iraq or in Iran or
anywhere else outside America. The fact is the pretense of democracy
being shoved down the throats of those lucky enough to survive the war
is a most profound perversion of the term, democracy. To those of us
that would fight to preserve it (in our native land), this perversion
is poison.

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