Saturday, December 27, 2008

Where has all the money gone?

$700 billion of taxpayers dollars went to the same criminals that made a killing using smoke and mirrors and phony money. We might have the audacity to ask; Where is the money?

The Associated Press asked the question. Here's what they got:

They sent questionnaires to banks, recipients of more than $1 billion each in tax dollars and asked:
How much has been spent?
What was it spent on?
How much is being held in savings?
What's the plan for the rest?

They didn't answer.

J.P. Morgan Chase - a big winner of $25 billion in bailout money said, "We have not disclosed that to the public. We're declining to.

Isn't that clever of them. They are "declining" to.

Others declined to say and asked that the media not say that they refused.

An AP report shows that CEOs at firms which have received $188 billion in bailout money received an average of $2.6 million last year. These same firms also received many more billions in loans from the Federal Reserve.

The reason for it all - to put liquidity into the system - they say. They made the injection but the economy still tanks. The scheme didn't work. The whole idea is based on false premises. Do they know that? The ugly answer has to be, they have to.

Meanwhile, the lower classes are devastated through job losses and devaluation of their property.
And what do they get? Nothing.

The twit class in America are operating with the mind of a psychopath. They exhibit no conscience whatsoever and will continue to steal, lie, and demand nothing more from government than complicity and cowardice.

The explicit collusion of this grand theft by the American government, by all participants including the Democrats (including Obama) and Congress shows that the marriage of the corporate elite and the government is complete. The American government is run by these very same criminals.

And while this bonanza in tax dollars reaches the pockets of the extremely wealthy to spend with impunity, millions are thrown out of work across the USA and across the globe.

Until this upside down thinking and unbridled criminality gives way to an understanding of what it is that constitutes real wealth, the crisis will be with us.

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