Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cowardly Canadians

Canadian politicians have been paid to shut up and do what they are
told by Washington. As Canadians we can't afford to allow this pack of
idiots and stooges to keep those seats functionally empty. We need to
assert ourselves as Canadians and we need to stop looking to the
Americans for direction. America is a sinking ship and we are tied too
closely to it. As a result, we are going down.

The most recent examples are the statements made by Canadian
politicians concerning the fishbowl slaughter in Gaza. In Gaza, a
population has been made defenceless and are confined to a very small
and crowded space and Israel is shooting them like fish in a barrel.

This is possibly the worst war crime that has occurred in a very long

And how do Canadian politicians respond to this unbridled slaughter?

They, like the Israelis and the Americans, confine the context to the
firing of some pathetic little rocket out of Gaza, without having the
guts to ask why Hamas exists or why the rockets were fired, and say
'Hamas started it' like some schoolkid caught out.

The Canadian politicians mimic the Israeli/American line to the
letter. They say that they are not in favour of a ceasefire until they
can achieve a durable ceasefire. That is code for 'no ceasefire' under
circumstances where a whole population is imprisoned and confined to a
small space, under threat, murdered en masse, and with limited

There were Canadians stranded in Gaza during this slaughter and how
did the Canadian government respond? They didn't really. It was only
after the Americans evacuated their citizens that the Canadian
government contacted the Israeli government to evacuate them. Why?
Because those Canadians are Palestinians or they see Palestinians as
human beings.

On the way out, some Canadians witnessed the Israeli murder of a UN
truck driver, a so called error. (The Israeli and American practice of
making mistakes like this sends a message to the UN and the Red

Harper is predictably an apologist for American and Israeli war
crimes. Michael Ignatieff has show the same bloody colours with these
Gaza atrocities. He said that Israel is a democratic country and we
have to stand by Israel. Saying this he discounts the election of
Hamas as the representatives of the Palestinian people that were
elected by the Palestinian people.

And now, as this horrific war crime proceeds and drives the Gazans to
a deeper level of hell, the Israelis announce an increase in the
terror and blood in Gaza.

The time is here to usurp these paid clowns in Ottawa. They do not
represent Canadians, they represent those special interests with
enough money to buy expensive political whores

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