Saturday, May 29, 2010

The $1,000,000,000.00 Photo Op

The G 20 and G8 meetings in Toronto and Huntsville, Ontario, scheduled for late June will cost Canadian taxpayers one billion dollars.

These meetings happen regularly and one thing they have in common is that nothing ever comes out of them. They are completely useless. Real Politik happens behind closed doors with lawyers and lobbyists. It does not happen at G 20 meetings. This is all aimed to spoon feed innocent bystanders enough pabulum to keep us docile.

And what of the Bay Street neighbourhood where the representatives of the ruling class will meet? It is, naturally, at the centre of where our twit masters do their business. The fact that it is our masters that have multiple financial crisis mounting on top of an archaic economic system might suggest their quisling political clowns and puppets should just hide. But no, they are paid good money to take it on the chin and take it on the chin they will.

The bourgeoisie have screwed us all and they are putting the iron state apparatus in place to ensure we learn out humble station. Working classes in the represented eight and twenty countries are not happy and those in economic hinterlands are starting to mix Molotov cocktails. There are hints of class warfare as one class batters and rapes the other.

As it is American workers can't find jobs while car manufacturing plants rust away. Scores are homeless while families have no place to sleep.

The twit class have sold the jobs away to squeeze that extra bit of profit for themselves. Jobs that North Americans and Europeans used to believe to be their rightful inheritance; a legacy of hard work and vision. All that is now dust and the 'leaders' will spell out the belt tightening measures that we must endure to ensure those that are too big to fall, don't. The large Bay Street banks at the centre of the G 20 meeting area may be more then tempting targets for anarchists and fed up citizens.

But One Billion dollars?

Just because billion sounds something like million, they are nowhere close. A billion is astronomical. A million seconds would take about 11 or 12 days to pass. A billion seconds would take 32 years.

A trillion, which is a number we hear regarding bailouts to the rich, would take 32,000 years.

So, in the case of numbers, don't let your intuition inform you. Let energetic logic inform you if you want to understand the nature of the situation we are all in at the moment.

Conveniently, a bank was recently fire bombed in Ottawa providing ammunition for the state to spare no expense for security. In 2007, police dressed as protesters were filmed trying to whip demonstrators into a violent frenzy during a North American leaders summit in Quebec.

Increasingly, since 2001, Western democratic states have incrementally notched their fascistic posture to the point they think nothing of arresting people with no charges, putting a bounty on the head of undesirables, and generally raising themselves (the state) above the rule of law. Corporations and the state have consummated their marriage in the most disgusting public porn display in history.

Prior to 2001 anti-capitalist protests were becoming common and no doubt, concerning. The state did react with brutality; as states naturally do. But nowadays we are sailing uncharted waters. Anything can happen.

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